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Moth pit

My reaction to this gif went from stone-faced “this is dumb” to full-on snickering gleefully in about fifteen seconds.

you can’t just drop shit like this on my dash i hurt myself laughing


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Rest in Peace Go Eunbi



For those that don’t know, Ladies’ Code Go Eunbi/”EunB”, has passed away from a major car accident today.

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oh my god my condolences to Ladies’ Code and families

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A nearly flawless Megalodon tooth from the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland.  It 2 3/4 inches long and simply beautiful.  

For sale at FossilEra.com

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Among Melkor’s servants that have names the greatest was that spirit whom the Eldar called S a u r o n, or Gorthaur the Cruel. In his beginning he was of the Maiar of Aulë, and he remained mighty in the lore of that people. In all the deeds of Melkor the Morgoth upon Arda, in his vast works and in the deceits of his cunning, Sauron had a part, and was only less evil than his master in that for long he served another and not himself. But in after years he rose like a shadow of Morgoth and a ghost of his malice, and walked behind him on the same ruinous path down into the Void.

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Remember this?

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Matthias Utomo

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